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Prior to any treatment, the causes of the illness must be closely examined. The Paracelsus Practice Clinic does not rely here on diagnoses which have already been made, but rather considerably extends the search for the reasons for your illness. The Paracelsus practice clinic does not rely on diagnoses that have already been made, but extends the search for the causes of your illness considerably.

As different illnesses can also have different causes in each person, the investigation methods of biological medicine are particularly thorough

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What is biological medicine?

As the causes of a disease can be very diverse, the treatment options are just as variable.


Acupuncture is a well-known and very effective treatment method and has almost no side-effects.


People who work in jobs where they sit down all day will be particularly familiar with back problems.


Today cancer rates are going up rapidly and are increasingly affecting young people.

Orthomolecular medicine

From the point of view of orthomolecular medicine (ortho = right, good; molecule = building block of substances)

Colonic hydrotherapy

The majority of people suffer from an imbalance in their intestinal bacteria, dysbiosis.

Diagnostics at the practice clinic

State-of-the-art methods can identify issues and can do so before they cause problems


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The Paracelsus practice clinic is a qualified contact for holistic biomedicine.

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