Reliable diagnosis with the very latest technology

State-of-the-art methods can identify issues and can do so before they cause problems

The Paracelsus Practice Clinic also explores new avenues when it comes to diagnostics and uses the very latest technology to get to the bottom of the causes of chronic diseases and obscure complaints. This is because it is only by identifying the precise causes quickly that you can also make a quick decision on which therapy is best – and this is precisely what we do to benefit our patients.


  • Comprehensive lab analysis to detect organ dysfunctions, immunodeficiency, deficiency symptoms
  • Heavy metal load tests to detect toxic loads
  • Comprehensive testing of intestinal flora, intestinal absorption capacity, intestinal bleeding, leaky gut syndrome
  • TKTL1 and APO10 determination
  • Comprehensive immune system tests

The Paracelsus practice clinic is a qualified contact for holistic biomedicine.

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drs. Erwin Weijnen
Färberstr. 1
90402 Nürnberg