Prevention is better than cure – holistic prevention maintains your health

Preventive check-ups are the best therapy – if you are healthy, you should also try to stay healthy. The Paracelsus Practice Clinic helps to ensure that your health status remains fine. Numerous precautionary options ensure that you can look after your health in the best way possible – disorders are much rarer if you have a strong system.

Talk to Mrs Jenny Weijnen about your next health check – even if you are not yet a patient of the Paracelsus Practice Clinic, you can get an appointment quickly and without any fuss.

Phone: 0911 – 55 24 34

Prevention in the Paracelsus practice clinic:

  • Health checkup
  • Early detection of cancer
  • Cancer screening for men
  • Expanded lab analysis / cardiovascular risk determination
  • Hair sample mineral analysis
  • Heavy metal load test

Take every opportunity you have to stay young, healthy and active.

Who doesn’t want to still be fit and healthy in old age? You are as old as you feel. It is not just on the outside that the body needs more fastidious nurturing as you grow older, but the internal “engine” also needs to be kept in tip-top condition to make sure everything works properly.

Biological medicine offers numerous natural treatments for boosting performance capacity and quality of life. With targeted therapies which are attuned precisely to your specific needs, you not only gain more energy, but you make your body fit on the inside so that you protect yourself from external attacks in the best way possible.

Treatment options at the Paracelsus Practice Clinic:

  • Vitality treatment – natural help to combat fatigue, weakness and exhaustion
  • Detoxification / cleansing treatment to support the detoxifying organs such as the intestine, the liver, the gall bladder and the kidney
  • Treatment to strengthen the immune system – strengthens and supports the body’s own immune system in a natural way
  • Microcirculation treatment – to improve circulation and optimise the supply of oxygen
  • Menopausal treatment – for invigorating the female organism and boosting the feeling of wellbeing

The Paracelsus practice clinic is a qualified contact for holistic biomedicine.

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drs. Erwin Weijnen
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