The Paracelsus Practice Clinic: Healing in harmony with nature

Have you ever asked yourself whether a natural treatment can help you to restore your health? Have conventional methods so far failed to improve your chronic health problems and are you asking yourself whether there are natural healing methods which can genuinely alleviate or even heal your suffering?

There are answers to many of your questions. The Paracelsus Practice Clinic is your expert point of contact for all aspects of holistic biological medicine.

Regulatory medicine balanced with nature

Mainstream medicine usually only looks at the disease itself. Its causes are frequently not explored. Biological medicine looks at the entire person within its own environment in order to rebalance the body. This activates the body’s own healing powers which are present in every single one of us. We employ methods of conventional medicine to complement this.

Holistic biological medicine probes the causes

At the Paracelsus Practice Clinic, the patient and the physician closely work together to actively find causes for the disease. Only by working in close collaboration the causes of the illness can be defined and a treatment can be activated that will set the natural healing process in motion. In biological medicine the key to recovery is to assume responsibility for one’s own health.

Power comes from within

Promoting regulatory power within the person in order to bring about healing from within – this is the role of the Paracelsus Practice Clinic. In doing this, we rely on holistic biological medicine which is based on the very latest findings from the worlds of physics and biochemistry.

The Paracelsus practice clinic is a qualified contact for holistic biomedicine.

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