Biological medicine: Health balanced with nature

As the causes of a disease can be very diverse, the treatment options are just as variable. The body regenerates every day and the tissue is constantly reforming. The key thing here is to support the regeneration process and eliminate any regulatory disorders, taking advantage of the constant renewal of all our cells in our body as it being is a dynamic system. If people are no longer able to regulate disorders and stresses themselves, chronic diseases occur.

We take our time to help you

Prior to any treatment, the causes of the illness must be closely scrutinised. The Paracelsus Practice Clinic does not rely here on diagnoses which have already been made, but rather considerably expands the search for the reasons for your illness. As different illnesses can also have different causes in each person, the investigation methods of biological medicine are particularly thorough.

Personal examination and individual treatment

Biological medicine not only promises a great deal for patients, but also places particular requirements on the patients themselves. We look at their personal situation and their individual life circumstances. Patients themselves carry the key to healing in themselves and it sometimes takes time to recover – we guide and support patients on the path to a healthy life once again.

Holistic biological medicine can achieve a great deal:

  • considerably enhances the quality of life of the patient
  • rapid relief or healing in the case of acute and chronic illnesses
  • strengthening thanks to targeted prevention
  • high level of safety and generally no side-effects
  • addresses the causes of a disease
  • the patient is actively involved in the treatment process

The Paracelsus practice clinic is a qualified contact for holistic biomedicine.

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